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Last updated January 13, 2017


Congratulations to:

Jenson Beachy of Perham for making 8 consecutive three pointers.

Bryce Irsfeld of Browerville/Eagle Valley for scoring his 2,000th point.

Kaylee Kennedy of Littlefork-Big Falls for scoring her 2,000th point.

Natasha Young of Nicollet for her 1,000th rebound.

Ken Novak, Jr. of Hopkins for his 800th coaching win.

Adam Olson of Royalton for making 8 consecutive three pointers (8/8 for the game).

Chase Grinde of Spring Grove for scoring his 2,000th point.

Grace White of Red Lake for her 1,000th rebound and 2,000th point.

Rob McClain of Red Lake for his 1,000th rebound (same night as Grace White).

Dillon Haider of Melrose made all 14 free throws attempted in a game.



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