Click on the link below to access the MSHSL web site.

Minnesota State High School League


Click on the link below to access the website of the National Federation.  You can
link to the National High School Sports Record Book from this location.

National Federation of State High School Associations





Kevin J. Anderson Sports Resource

MN Boys Basketball Hub (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

MN Girls Basketball Hub (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

gPrep (Gary Knox - Girls Basketball)

MN State High School Coaches Association

Breakdown Sports USA (Basketball Encyclopedias)

St. Paul City Conference Sports

Minnesota Scores (multiple high school sports)



Recommended Reading:

Gopher State Greatness by Joel Krenz

Minnesota Hoops by Marc Hugunin and Stew Thornley

Daughters of the Game by Marian Bemis Johnson and Dorothy E. McIntyre

Minnesota Sports Almanac by Joel A. Rippel

Hardwood Heroes by Ross Bernstein

The History of Minnesota State High School Basketball Tournaments 1913-1963 by Edward Simpkins




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