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Dial-Up Internet Plans

Info Link Inc. offers dial up Internet services to communities in west central Minnesota and portions of eastern South Dakota through its affiliation with Sytek Communications.

Acceptable Use Policy
Internet Service Agreement

If you are interested in getting dial-up service you can contact us at 866-459-4735. We will need your name, billing address and Drivers License or Social Security number to activate the service for you. Once the service is activated, we will mail you instructions on how to connect to your new service.

We provide the following dial-up service plans:

Basic Service

$15.95/month - Unlimited usage, one-mail address, 5 MB of storage for e-mail messages, No contract, No activation fee. Spam protection and Virus protection can be added at a monthly fee of $0.75 each.

Expanded Service

$19.95/month - Unlimited usage, up to three e-mail addresses included, 10 MB of storage for e-mails, No contract, No Activation fee, Spam and Virus Protection included.

The dial up plans include the following services:

World Wide Web Access

Access to weather, stocks, news, games, shopping, and just about anything else you can imagine!


You can send messages to anyone in the world in a matter of seconds. E-mail is great for keeping in touch with family and friends, kids at college, or contacting businesses with questions.

Additional services available include:

  • If you have had an xxx.info-link.net address in the past and you would like to continue to use that address, you can do so at an annual cost of $24.96. Contact us at 866-459-4735 to sign up for any additional Info Link services.
  • Spam Control for info-link.net addresses is also available at an annual cost of $15 per e-mail address. This can help keep the unwanted "junk" email from becoming a nusiance.


If you have an xxx.info-link.net address you can use Info Link's WebMail to access your Info Link e-mail anywhere in the world with only a web-browser! Forget about the hassles of configuring confusing and buggy email clients. With WebMail, all you need is your account name and password.

Technical Support

Sytek Communications maintains free-of-charge support lines (800-828-1390) for assisting you with getting connected, resolving modem problems, or just answering questions about email and the use of your browser.



You will have access to your favorite newsgroups, so you can keep up to date with what's happening in just about any imaginable subject.

Still have questions about our dialup services? Contact us for more information!

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