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Montevideo Residential Wireless Rates

What do you get with an Info Link Residential wireless package?

  • 1 email address and access to Info Link WebMail
  • Free Internet technical support
  • Always on service
  • Customization to meet your needs

  • --- No phone lines needed so you save $$ each month! ---

    Monthly Service Rates

    Download / Upload Speeds


    512 Kbps / 256 Kbps


    1 Mbps / 512 Kbps


    2 Mbps / 1 Mbps


    3 mbps / 1 mbps


    5 mbps / 1 mbps


    7 mbps / 1 mbps


    * Wireless equipment costs are not included in monthly fees. This equipment can be leased or purchased. The wireless radio can be leased for $2.99/month for indoor units or $6.99/month for outdoor units. The purchase price of the radio is $525 for indoor installations or $825 for outdoor installations.


    Setup fee must be paid by account activation date. Setup fee is $99 for standard indoor installations or $199 for standard outdoor installations.

    A Network Interface Card (NIC) is required for each computer. If you don't already have a network card, they are available for $30 each, including installation.

    Additional equipment and/or labor will be billed separately. Examples: Network Interface Card, longer cable runs, etc.

    Optional Services:

    Additional email addresses available for $3 each per month.

    Additional computers can be added with the purchase of a router.

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