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Spam Control Message Center Guide

Info Link is pleased to offer our Spam Control service!

What is Spam?

If you haven't yet signed up for Spam Control, click here or contact Info Link.

After you've signed up for our Spam Control service, the guide below will help you learn how to use your Spam Control Message Center and optimize it for you! For additional details on using particular settings or controls, click the Help button next to the control or in the upper right of any page in your Message Center.

What is Message Center?

Message Center is how you can access and modify your Spam Control settings and view quarantined messages.

How does Message Center work?

To prevent unwanted messages from reaching your e-mail inbox, your Spam Control service filters all incoming e-mail for junk and virus-infected messages, before they reach your inbox. Legitimate messages are delivered to your inbox as usual, but unwanted and potentially harmful messages are diverted. If a message is blatently spam or detected to have a virus, it will automatically be deleted. Other messages that your Spam Control service believes to be spam will be quarantined in your Message Center.

How do I log in to my Message Center?

After you sign up for Spam Control service you will receive a welcome e-mail with the information you need to log in. The e-mail will contain the password needed for you to log into your Message Center. You will be prompted to change the password the first time you log in.

  1. To log in go to our Message Center log in page   (You may wish to bookmark this page.)
  2. Enter your e-mail address (example: johndoe@info-link.net).
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Click Log In.
If you've forgotten your password you can use the Forgot Your Password? link to help you reset your Message Center password.

What should I do first?

After initially changing your password you will be directed to the Junk tab. This page will list the messages that are quarantined in your Message Center. When Spam Control first begins to quarantine messages, review messages in your Message Center to be sure valid e-mails aren't being quarantined incorrectly. Click on a message's subject link to safely view it's contents. If you find a valid message you want to retrieve, click it's corresponding Deliver button to deliver it to your inbox.

Tip: If you deliver a message from the Junk tab, Message Center asks you whether you want to add the sender to your Approved Senders list. Messages from senders on this list bypass the junk filters, so they won't be quarantined in the future.

All messages that you don't deliver are automatically moved to the Trash after 14 days. Messages remain in the Trash for another three days before Message Center permanently deletes them.

How do I adjust my filtering levels?

From any place within your Message Center, you can get to your personal settings by clicking on the Settings link in the upper right. You should use the Adjust Filters link on the left to view and customize your Spam Control settings to best suit your needs. On the filter level page also note the Show Individual Filters link in the lower left. Clicking on this link will display all of the individual filter levels for you to adjust. Adjusting your filtering levels is as easy as sliding the selecting bar or selecting the level you want from the drop-down menu. You only need to adjust one of the selectors - the other will automatically recognize the change and update itself. Remember to click the Save Changes button to apply any modifications you've made to your filters.

What else can I do in my Message Center?

Some of the other things you can do in your Message Center are:

  • Review your recently quarantined messages.
  • Adjust filter sensitivities to determine how aggressively to filter your e-mail.
  • Maintain allowed and blocked sender lists for individual senders, domains, and mailing lists.
  • Choose a language for your Message Center.
  • Choose a time zone for time-stamping messages you receive.
  • Change your Message Center password.

Quarantine summary e-mail message

As a convenience, we e-mail you a daily notification listing all of the messages that have been recently quarantined in your Message Center. This notification allows you to quickly scan quarantined messages without having to visit your Message Center.

The Quarantine Summary e-mail message also provides a link to Message Center if you do want to visit it, for example, to see the contents of a quarantined junk message.

Within the Quarantine message you have the options to:

  • Deliver messages from your Junk quarantine to your inbox (click the corresponding Deliver link in the email).
  • Click a message's Subject link to log in to Message Center and review the message's content before delivering it.
Note that you don't have to visit Message Center when you receive your Quarantine Summary. If you don't want to review your junk email or deliver any quarantined messages to your inbox, just leave them alone and Message Center will automatically delete them from your quarantine after 14 days.

When should I visit my Message Center?

If you are just beginning to use the email protection service, or if your junk email filters were recently adjusted, check your Junk Quarantine daily to be sure valid messages aren't being falsely quarantined.

You'll also receive regular reminders to check your Message Center and review quarantined email. Remember that Message Center will hold your quarantined email for 14 days. Messages are then automatically moved to the Trash, where they remain for three more days until they're permanently deleted.

What if I receive too much spam e-mail?

Your Spam Control service will catch approximately 95% of unwanted email. If more unwanted email than that is getting through, adjust your junk email filters to a more aggressive setting. (Then visit Message Center regularly for a few days to verify that valid messages aren't being quarantined.)

What if valid messages are quarantined?

If too many valid messages are being quarantined as junk you have a couple of options:

When should I use sender lists?

Your Message Center provides sender lists for allowing or blocking messages from individual senders, mail lists, or entire domains. You don't normally need to add addresses to these lists, as your junk email filters are highly accurate without them. However, there are a few cases when sender lists are useful.

  • Add senders to your Approved Senders list if messages from the sender resemble junk email and have been falsely quarantined.
  • If you belong to a mail list or newsgroup where different members email each other using the same TO address, you can put that TO address on your Approved Mailing Lists.

Warning:  If you set up any of your other email addresses to forward email to your account, make sure these addresses are not on your Approved Senders list. If such an address is on the list, any junk email sent to your account via the forward will bypass junk filters and reach your inbox!

Can I safely view the contents of quarantined messages?

Yes. Clicking a message's Subject link to read it does not transfer the message to your inbox, so you can safely view the contents of junk email at your Message Center without risking harm to your computer.

How are messages identified as spam?

Before any message reaches your inbox, the Spam Control service evaluates it for junk-like content, and gives it a score indicating its probability for being junk e-mail. The service then compares this score with tolerance levels set by your junk filters, and messages exceeding this tolerance are quarantined at your Message Center.

Does anyone read my quarantined email?

No. All scanning and filtering is done automatically, in a matter of milliseconds, so nobody actually reads your messages.

Is my information in Message Center private?

Yes. All of your information in Message Center, including personal information, e-mail addresses, and message content, is kept strictly confidential. We do not sell or make available to third parties any of your information in your Message Center.

What kinds of viruses does Message Center block?

Message Center blocks viruses, worms, and other types of malicious file attachments. Message Center uses highly accurate anti-virus technology to identify virus-infected messages and prevent them from reaching your inbox.

How often is Message Center's anti-virus protection updated?

Message Center checks for virus protection updates once every minute, so you can be sure that you’re protected from the latest security threats.

What if I have additional questions?

If you encounter a problem or need additional help with Message Center, please contact us.

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